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Bring in your 'Favorite Frames' and we can install new lenses with your new perscription.

Repairs & Adjustments

Don't throw away your broken or bent frames… Vision Crafters can repair almost any eye glass frame made.

Most soldering, hinge replacement, and minor repairs are done on site, often while you wait!

If your eyeglasses are lost, stolen, broken or misplaced, Vision Crafters offers one-day/same-day emergency service with no additional service fees or inflated prices!

And if your glasses are out of adjustment or require a little 'fine-tuning' we will be happy to adjust them free of charge, whether you bought them at Vision Crafters or not. Now that's customer service!

Types of Eye glass Repair

  • gold solder
  • titanium solder
  • hinge replacement
  • rimless repair
  • ultra sonic cleaning and fine tuning.

Adjust your frames

Over time, normal everyday wear-and-tear can cause your eyeglasses to become loose, crooked, or just out of good alignment. to keep your eyeglasses fitting and performing properly, feel free to visit vision crafters convenient location for a lifetime of free adjustments and cleaning.

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